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The Spirit & the Bride  Rev. 22:17




SOZO was birthed in a vision given to Apostle Deborah Bell in 2007. The first official SOZO was held in 2008.  


SOZO is a global apostolic-prophetic conference to bring vision, impartation, healing, restoration and transformation, to the global body of Christ and church leaders. 

At SOZO, we give Holy Spirit space to move and flow so that people that are hungry for more, can experience and receive fresh vision and the NEW that is being poured out.

At SOZO there is a supernatural activation and an acceleration of callings, giftings, and the power of God to release healing. People are changed as they encounter and experience a new dimension of God's power, glory, and fresh revelation.

The word SOZO, is a greek word found in the New Testament and it means three things: to be SAVED, HEALED & to be restored, or made whole, (delivered).


Apostle Deborah Bell is the Lead Apostle of DGFC & the DGAN Global Apostolic Network ( She is often referred to as an 'apostle of apostles'. It is her desire to see all people, including LGBTQI people, EQUIPPED, EMPOWERED, and activated as believers to be activated into a deeper realm of the Spirit and God’s presence, to live in the fullness of who they are called to be in the Kingdom of Christ. (Eph.4:11-13)

This year, SOZO2022 will be a Hybrid Conference with both in-person and virtual attendance. 

Take a virtual tour of Cape Town, South Africa

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