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Purpose of the DGAN Network


Training and Equipping


The DGAN Global Apostolic Network is an LGBTQI-affirming,  training & equipping centre. We offer coaching, mentoring programs, and online short courses to equip leaders and churches to fulfill their Kingdom mandate in the earth.  

Apostolic Oversight and Covering


The DGAN Global Apostolic Network offers covering and spiritual oversight to LGBTQI affirming churches and ministers who share in our vision and our beliefs related to our apostolic-prophetic call and the building of the Kingdom according to the Antioch model in Acts 13-15. 

We work with covenanted relationships that are God-ordained, built over time, and in alignment with the principles, values and spiritual mandate that comes with covering and oversight. 


Ordination Commissioning and licensing 

The DGAN Network licenses and ordains 5-Fold Ministers who have been called to be a part of the Network. A certificate of ordination and licensing will be presented at DGAN's international conference where our Lead Apostle along with DGAN's ordination Board, will commission, ordain and affirm 5 Fold ministers called to their respective offices. 

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