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Spiritual Healing Course - 24 April & 1 May 2021 (Core course)


Please Note: date changes:

Sat. 24th April - 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. (CAT) 


Sat 1 May - 9 a.m.  - 1 p.m. (CAT)

Course closed

Spiritual Healing Course POSTER DATE CHA

Course information:

Facilitator: Apostle Deborah Bell


Held over two Saturdays (Live).

Replay: Available on Replay to accommodate all time zones, through Wednesday the 28st of April 2021. (The best option is to do it live where possible.)

Time: 9 a.m. - +-1 p.m. (CAT - GMT+2)


Registration: R250/20 USD.

Closing date for Registrations 22 April 2021

Course content:

Many Christians today still struggle with woundedness in some form. Spiritual oppression, depression, anxiety, and other issues can be factors in our faith walk, reducing instead of increasing. 

God wants us to be free in every aspect of our lives, to experience the joy of the Lord, and to live in the fullness of God's healing power, in spirit, body and soul (a renewed mind).

You will learn self-awareness of how to access points, known and unknown can affect a believer's life if not healed.

Platform: The Healing course will be held on our Youtube channel (Online only). 

What will I learn from this course?

Many Christians still struggle with depression, rejection, and other issues, often not understanding the root causes that affect so many aspects of our lives. In this course:

  • You will learn about breaking old cycles and soul ties, what they are, their causes,  and how to get freedom from them. 

  • You will learn how the enemy uses certain access points to gain entry into our lives even as believers and to overcome with the healing power of God. 


  • You will learn how to be an overcomer and how to get free. This course includes both teaching and Ministry for inner healing. If you are committed and want to get free, this course will benefit you.


The Purpose of this course:

The Spiritual Healing Course is a must for every believer to learn more about how to get freedom from past traumas, emotional, spiritual, physical & sexual abuse and other struggles and strongholds, that may hold people captive or in a prison of their minds through the healing power of Jesus Christ.


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